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About Us

At MultiTek Global, our people are the difference

Management Team


Greg Hritz

Executive VP, Operations and Finance

Joined MultiTek in 2013, leading the Operations teams, focusing on process improvement, managing our technician staff across the U.S. to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and handling all accounting and vendor management.


Shaunalee Stanger

Executive VP, Sales and Delivery

Joined MultiTek in 2011, focused on IT consulting sales, delivery and business development. She has over 30 years of IT business and technical experience, with ten years working for one of the U.S. military’s largest data centers, focused on data center consolidation and optimization programs. She held positions at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and StorageTek in their Data Center Services practices.


Global Deployment

As clients expand and consolidate their operations worldwide, they can rely on MultiTek Global to export, ship, import, acquire and / or deploy their IT assets where they are needed. With local entities and partnerships throughout the world and specialized knowledge of local importation laws & regulations, moving your valuable IT assets is an effortless experience. Read More


IT Relocation

For 15 years, MultiTek Global has been the choice for large and small companies for clients needing to migrate or consolidate their IT assets. Whether it be across town or across the world, MultiTek Global is a world leader in providing IT relocation services. Read More


Smart Hands

As IT infrastructure grows globally and becomes more geographically dispersed to support the expansion of international business, companies are finding the need to deploy trusted resources in far-reaching areas where they may not have entities, offices, or actual staff. Deploying IT resources to such locations is expensive, stretches valuable business resources. MultiTek Global fills this void by providing companies with access to IT resources all over the world. Read More

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