Why choose MultiTek Global?

1. Experts at Scoping

Asking the right quesitons in the initial phases not only helps to extract needed details for project requirements but also helps uncover unmet needs.

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2. Flexible and Solutions Driven

We are a flexible and agile company and our team can customize solutions and adapt to requirement changes throughout the planning process. We pride ourselves on our responsive service so that you can get back to your own customers quickly.

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3. Strong OEM Partnerships

We have strong relationships with all major OEMs so that you have the flexibility to consolidate technical activities through MultiTek and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership to your clients.

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World Class professional Services

MultiTek Global is a world-class, IT services company that provides IT infrastructure support services to companies, worldwide.

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Strong OEM relationships that we have been cultivating 30+ years.

We are often used as the central point of coordination for all stakeholders including logistics firms and OEMs that are required for the re-certification of certain equipment.

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Incredible flexibility and Execution of our Projects

Our project managers and technical consultants have 25+ years experience working with Fortune 500 companies, US military data centers and IT OEMs. Our team is always flexible and can move faster than working with OEMs directly.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

Partnering with big names in the business, we offer premier services, that you can trust.

Beth Barela

WWC Ltd. Snr. Data Center Strategist

"Trusting MultiTek came very easily… They came with great solutions and they did what they say they were going to do. Not everyone does that."


Another Satisfied Client

IT Infrastructure Director

"The key to success was hiring MultiTek’s Project Manager, who knows how to consolidate data centers. It was a huge difference from a prior data center relocation that we did on our own."

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