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IT Asset Relocations

Excellent outcomes
We provide full end-to-end migration services including asset auditing, migration planning, back-up solutions, de-installation of assets, mining of cables, transportation, re-racking, re-cabling, power-up, configuration, recertification (if required) and post UAT support. We also do in-rack moves as well as data migration as needed.

OEM Management Services

The IT industry is a big consumer of OEM products and services. It follows that engaging a third party who specializes in maintaining OEM is critical to the continued normal functioning of your IT assets. At MultiTek Global Services we coordinate with the OEMs - on behalf of the customer - to ensure equipment and devices are powered up and shut down correctly and on schedule, and that they are fully licensed for usage by your company at all times. Need an OEM maintenance expert to handle your IT support services?


Wi-Fi Assessment & Design Services

Are you concerned about the quality of your bandwidth? Sometimes it’s not a question of upgrading your Wi-Fi hardware, it’s about optimizing your wi-fi connections. Multitek Global Services is renowned for providing superior wireless network assessments that deliver highly reliable and secure network environments. Our approach helps you improve speed, maximize your bandwidth, and future-proof your network design, increasing your existing network’s usability and stability. Need help with Wi-Fi assessment and design services? Watch our video


Import/Export Logistics Management

We improve operational efficiency and reduce costs while increasing overall business value by implementing an integrated logistics system that takes care of all the supply chain aspects of your business. Whether it’s installing warehouse wireless networks, setting up RFID systems, or implementing other aspects of logistics automation, we can improve your overall supply chain quality. Looking for a reliable partner to streamline your logistics?

Us vs Them

Technology moves with us, but we are much more than a moving company. Our customers know when they hire us, they are mitigating risk and ensuring the best possible outcome for their IT project, whether moving a data center, optimizing wi-fi or outsourcing smart hands work, we have the expertise, the resources and agility needed to get the job done right.


  • Direct data center experience
  • Coordinated staffed team support
  • Best practices for equipment handling
  • Defined and tested escalation process
  • Years of cultivated partnerships
  • Customer first priority


  • Missing the IT Specific background
  • Multiple vendors, temp and contract workers
  • No anti-static materials, improper load balancing
  • Lack of support and contingency planning
  • Single stream supply chain
  • Punching a clock

Data Erasure Services

Are you concerned about the security of your data and are looking for a safe way to dispose of your retired IT assets? MultiTek provides first-rate data sanitization and erasure solutions that adhere to industry best practices, including a full audit trail complete with itemized reporting. At MultiTek we leverage invaluable expertise and deploy industry-leading data erasure software and hardware to get the job done. We shred, erase or degauss records of all items enabling you to repurpose your IT assets.


Cable Services: Cable Tracing & Port Mapping

The importance of having visibility of your network topology and being able to quickly identify which switch port is connected to which device cannot be overstated. This visibility is especially important during the relocation of IT infrastructure because we use our knowledge of the cable layout to help clients setup in the new location or to design a new layout. MultiTek offers cable tracing and port mapping services for installed IT assets that are second to none, helping you have a better control over your IT assets. We also offer high-performance, standards-based structured and patch cabling installation services as part of a new buildout, equipment upgrades, or IT asset relocations.


IT asset Decommissioning

MultiTek takes away the headache of disposing of IT assets at the end of their lifecycle, while also ensuring they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Following industry best practices, we de-install, inventory, and securely ship IT assets to R2 certified recyclers. We physically destroy disks and assets according to EPA regulations and industry standards, including providing certificates of destruction. We use a fully auditable chain-of-custody process when decommissioning your assets. Where possible, we organize the repurposing, recycling, or resale of your assets, minimizing e-waste and cutting the costs of the disposal process.


Smart Hands Services

We assist clients with smart hands support to include, trouble shooting, hardware upgrades, rack and stack, tech refresh work, patching & cabling etc.


Site Assessments

Site assessments are audits of hardware, their connections and their performance. Our basic assessments include; Recording all hardware details including make, model & serial numbers. Documenting rack layout & elevations. Mapping and documenting cable connections & ports... Watch


Data Center Migration Consultancy

Data center migration can be a major disruptor to your core business functions, not to mention it can pose a big risk to the security of your data. Multitek Global Services provides a safe environment for migration by mapping your infrastructure and identifying all assets before relocating, after which we consolidate and reconfigure your IT infrastructure. We use a proven method that reduces the complexity of the entire process while giving you visibility of your assets the whole time. We also take care of the transport, labor, and other related logistics, including coordination of technical staff on-site, to ensure a seamless transfer to your new location.

Looking for a fast and secure relocation of your data center?

IT Project Management Services

We use proven project management approaches to produce consistent results, improve process flows, cut costs, and deliver customer expectations. We have successfully executed multiple IT projects for a wide range of customers, completing them promptly and in line with business specifications. Need an expert to take your project to the next level? Our PMP certified staff are available to lend a hand.

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