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StorageTek® SL8500 STK Tape Library Removal & Recycling

MultiTek can assist you with your StorageTek® SL8500 Tape Library removal needs, including providing green disposal and recycling services. We will professionally de-install, remove and dispose of your StorageTek® silos, libraries and tape drives using our team of experienced technicians and logistics personnel.

StorageTek® SL8500 De-installation & Removal Services

MultiTek provides the following de-installation services:

•  Total De-install and Disposal & Recycling Services for STK StorageTek® SL8500 libraries, robots and attached tape drives.

•  De-install & Pack Services for STK StorageTek® SL8500 Tape Libraries, robots and attached tape drives for lease returns, third-party sale or storage.

StorageTek SL8500

Key reasons to use MultiTek:

  • Experienced staff
  • Performed hundreds of library de-installations and relocations
  • Competitive price for services
  • All specialized tools and OEM-equivalent packing material included
  • Relationship with OEMs to ensure integrity of active maintenance agreements

StorageTek® SL8500STK Tape Library Relocation

MultiTek can de-install, pack, ship and re-install StorageTek® SL8500 Tape Libraries. Are you moving your STK SL8500 Tape Library within an existing data center, across town, nationally or internationally? If so, allow our experts to handle the de-installation, packing, shipping and re-installation process for you. We know the time it takes, the various configurations and associated challenges, the packing material built to OEM specs, tools and equipment, along with the needed logistics.

Our technicians are trained in the de-installation and installation of the STK SL8500 Tape Libraries and have successfully performed hundreds of relocations in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, our technicians can provide expert consultation in the configuration of the tape libraries and subsystems.

We adhere to best practices in all our services and have a detailed, documented process followed for every de-installation or relocation project.


De-installation Steps MultiTek Can Offer:

De-install Site Prep - Verify staging area, dock space and egress path for special treatment, i.e. Masonite for floor protection and wall protection.

Cabling – De-install all cabling associated with subsystem, including cartridge drives, and power, which in typical installations is “hard wired” into site power.

Drive De-installation – De-install any drive types (98XX, 99XX, T10K, LTO, DLT and pack to OEM standards) and any peripherals attached to the library.

Library De-installation – Perform de-installation to OEM specifications using the proper “special tools and gauges” as called for by the OEM installation guide.

Packing – All packing material used by MultiTek is modeled exactly after the OEM packing material from the original shipment of the equipment. Packing material, such as tape drive packing boxes, have foam inserts and fit exact dimensions including drive trays for the SL8500.

Shipping/Transport – In cooperation with United Van Lines or Mayflower Transit agents the packed library is loaded on the truck as well as any panel carts, pallets, masonite, truck with lift-gate and any other special equipment needed at the customer site. Options available for transportation between sites include temperature controlled trucks, additional security measures or expedited service.


Installation Steps MultiTek Can Offer:

Install Site Prep – Verify floor loading, access to dock and/or staging area, use proper cooling and cut tiles, wall configuration and power requirements.

Library Installation – Perform installation to OEM specifications using the proper “special tools and gauges” as called for by OEM installation guide to ensure accurate wall, floor and ceiling alignment.

Drive Installation – Install and cable any tape drive model. (i.e. 98XX, 99XX, T10K, LTO, DLT)

Cabling – Install all cabling associated with subsystem interconnectivity.

Testing – Ensure proper operation of library and provide supplier with document listing any performance/site issues and missing parts.

Clean-Up – Removal of all packing material to area as directed by customer or MultiTek can arrange for removal from installation site.


Additional Services

MultiTek can provide additional cabling installation/de-installation services as requested, including:

  • Installation of cabling between processor/switch to drives/controllers
  • Tape media inventory and relocation services, using RF Scanners and inventory reporting

**Services are available for all StorageTek® STK tape silos and libraries: SL8500 Base Tape Library with up to 5 Expansion frames, 9310, L5500, L700, L1400, L20, L40, L180, SL3000, SL500, VTLs, VSMs and much more.

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