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Transitioning Issues in Data Center Relocation

Relocation is a business reality that presents challenging IT-related issues. Many companies lack the extensive relocation experience required to fully utilize optimal third-party and OEM vendors to improve, simplify, and speed the process safely and without liability.

You may need to transition from company-based infrastructure to a colocation facility to improve reliability, performance, TCO, scalability issues, or simply to improve risk management. Or you may find you have grown beyond the capabilities of your existing data center and, with an eye toward future growth, must determine how and where best to relocate your data center.

Whatever the reasons for relocation, it can be a smooth, cost-effective experience with no disruptions to business continuity only if properly planned, down to the most minute detail. A thorough end-to-end plan with full documentation and reporting can eliminate the damage caused by data loss, liability from accidental disclosures and faulty disposure, scope creep during transition, and other issues that can seriously challenge your company’s IT staff, or which may lie outside your company’s IT knowledge base.


Things to Consider when Relocating your Data Center

data center relocation
    • Implementing best-practices approach that is fully auditable and documented
    • IT professionals experienced enough to oversee all details of decommissioning and relocation activities
    • Ensuring business continuity by avoiding disruptions caused by faulty planning of the relocation process
    • Avoid duplication of effort caused by use of multiple consultants with different core competencies, or subcontractors performing piecemeal work without experienced oversight.
    • Avoid unaddressed issues and oversights caused by lack of experience in the planning stage

MultiTek Global’s Data Center Relocation Planning and Services

data center migrationsWhen relocating your data center, you face many critical decisions. MultiTek Global provides the experts you need to design, execute, and provide auditable reporting on a solid process for relocation that is unique to your company’s individual needs. Whether the move is local or transcontinental, each relocation faces a unique set of challenges. Only through proper planning from end to end can these challenges be met.

      • All-inclusive global origin and destination services throughout North America, Asia and Europe
      • Consulting Services that provide ideal planning for all steps in relocation, from ideation to execution and documentation
      • Auditable IT and complex equipment transit and installation to exacting specifications
      • Proven project management discipline inserted into every project delivered
      • Ability to work with any original equipment manufacturers (OEM) gear through our experience and leveraged partnerships with the OEMs
      • Proven asset protection methodologies
      • Scalable automated asset and inventory solutions
      • PMI-certified personnel capable of performing project assessment, design and planning, and process management, with years of experience
      • Access to specialized transport modes and vehicles throughout the U.S. and beyond, via integrated processes with existing strategic partnerships
      • Access to a variety of specialized valuation and underwriting techniques throughout our extensive coverage models

How to Begin Your Data Center Relocation

Data center relocation is a challenging and diverse field, one in which experience and accountability is the best way to ensure continuity of operations, reduce risk, and meet all requirements for an auditable process. The use of consulting services by professionals who are experienced in the end-to-end process will help reduce errors and gaps in your plan. Let us be your co-pilot!

To discuss your specific needs, challenges, and opportunities, MultiTek Global invites you to contact us to speak with our experienced IT professionals.

When you need to plan and implement a data center relocation, MultiTek Global’s professional planning and services will help you do it well, on time, and on budget - with fully auditable processes that meet your business requirements.