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Project Management

Data Center Project ManagementEffectively managing an IT and data center project is essential to project success. MultiTek's wide range of experience in a variety of IT project disciplines is truly your advantage. Our trained and skilled assessment and design personnel can help you decide what assets to keep, what assets to move and what is the risk exposure of relocating key and expensive devices.

We can also craft solutions such as assets swaps, data migration strategies and high availability strategies to mitigate your business disruption. Our services also include certified data eradication and asset disposition so that you have peace of mind from best in class service.

When planning a major IT data center relocation/consolidation or IT project, consider the following:

Planning a Data Center Relocation

  • How to minimize business disruption during equipment transition
  • Internal data security standards regarding information contained on hard drives and storage devices
  • Proper asset tracking to ensure easy identification and rapid deployment
  • Asset valuation and protection with our extensive policies as well as our access to rapid parts networks
  • Pre-planning design, project management, move management and implementation plan to understand potential unforeseen circumstances and invoke contingency plans to offset and mitigate risk

Some of these activities are more easily accomplished than others. However, all of the activities may reduce your organization's focus on its key business activities and can be costly to the organization. That's where MultiTek professionals can help.


MultiTek Approach

By leveraging our experience in managing IT projects including data center relocation, consolidation, design, planning and execution, customers can ensure they are receiving the best possible solutions to meet their needs in all aspects of their relocation process. Our professional staff has migrated hundreds of IT facilities. We can assist you in planning projects that maximize your existing resources, provide automated tools that accelerate the project and provide Project Management Professional (PMP) disciplines to ensure adequate communication and dissemination of information. We believe and follow industry-driven best practices to transition all equipment to pre-determined locations. MultiTek, and our proven project management, and project execution methodologies, form a comprehensive portfolio customers can use to satisfy all their IT project needs.


Pre-Planning & Project Management

MultiTek's pre-planning and project management service provides the roadmap to a successful project completion. We utilize the PMP disciplines and our experience to assist in the formulation, timing, scheduling and deployment of necessary resources to enhance project success. Our pre-planning services assist you in formulating decisions based on budget, common sense and business availability needs to design the most cost-effective solutions for your environment. We will ascertain the resources, materials, tools, and make or buy decisions needed to complete the project on time and within budget. Our assets and resources will provide the necessary safeguards for peace of mind when transitioning your equipment: valuation coverage, quality packing methodologies, and first rate transport modes.

We formulate Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) communication plans, issue and action item logs, resource plans, implementation plans, project plans, network plans and many other deliverables to help design, plan and execute projects. Our professional staff will integrate seamlessly into your organization during the project pre-planning and execution phases. Our team of planners will work closely with your employees to understand the financial decisions that drive your project needs. We will explore areas such as asset relocation costs, rack management, software maintenance costs, power and cooling needs, warranty considerations, network, circuit and bandwidth considerations. Additionally we will explore end-of-life and legacy systems, and assist in integration into existing customer asset and software based solutions.

We have learned over the years that there is no substitute for thorough and complete planning. The earlier and more detailed the planning, the higher the degree of success of the project and the higher the degree of cost mitigation and project succes.