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Data Center Relocation Consulting

Whether it’s across town or around the globe, we can help you expand or relocate your data center, consolidate into an existing data center, or merge your operations with another company. Our services will allow your data center project to proceed with skill and precision.


Our professionals will analyze all aspects of your current data center framework including your hardware, virtual machines, software, network, security, storage, and environmental factors. With our ADIM methodology and our trained assessment and design personnel, we provide you with complete project and implementation plans at the highest level of detail required. We will also deploy assessment tools to monitor activity for developing decision points as to traffic, trends, and information management needs. This will help assist you in identifying dependencies related to your project and will provide your organization a solid basis for making key decisions as you proceed in your project evolution.


Applying the framework gathered during the assessment phase, we will design solutions and strategies that will minimize your data asset downtime, enhance your asset availability, leverage your existing resources, and deliver at the performance level your customers and employees expect. Our planners and project managers will work closely with your stakeholders to craft solutions within the confines of your operation, budget, availability, and data center processing needs.

Project Planning

Using the information gathered in the assessment and design phases, our professionals will operate as your specialized consultants throughout the project process, especially during the planning stage as it is heavily dependent on communication.

In addition to the project management planning services, our personnel can provide a variety of other value-added services in advance of the project execution. These include items such as pre-cabling, rack placement, raised floors, overhead conveyance systems, asset swaps, data migration, and much more.

Project Execution

MultiTek knows the end result of comprehensive planning is successful execution. We will work closely with your designated point of contacts to communicate the project schedule, progress, key milestones, and turnover points.

MultiTek will take care to meet all your deliverables and criteria by assisting you in the testing and system assurance aspects of your project.