Providing you with an extra pair of hands.

Whenever, wherever, globally.

No matter where you are, our highly skilled technicians are only an arm’s length away and ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So what are you waiting for? Let us lend you a hand. 

As IT infrastructure grows globally and becomes more geographically dispersed to support the expansion of international business, companies are finding the need to deploy trusted resources in far-reaching areas where they may not have entities, offices or actual staff. Deploying IT resources to such locations is expensive, time-consuming and consumes valuable business resources. MultiTek Global fills this void by providing companies with access to its IT resources located all over the world. 

MultiTek Global’s Remote Hand Services Include:

  • Provide onsite & offsite technical assistance.
  • Install, replace or remove equipment e.g. NICs, routers, disk drives, memory, etc.
  • Run a power cycle on a router, server or switch. Soft-boot a server.
  • Take inventory of equipment including labeling & taking serial numbers.
  • Troubleshoot customer equipment and relay system responses.
  • Assist with uncrating equipment from boxes and ship replaced equipment.
  • Setup client remote access to equipment.
  • De-install & decommission assets.
  • Cable up equipment (patch & fibre).
  • Conduct independent Equipment Testing.

“Our business is growing internationally at a phenomenal rate. However, we don’t have IT staff located at each of our sites. MultiTek Global has been instrumental in providing timely & efficient smart hands services to support our growing needs. Not having to hire dedicated support staff at each location has been a tremendous savings to us.”


– IT Operations Director, Healthcare Corporation