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Complete Data Center Relocation Outsourcing 
by MultiTek Global. A Professional Data Center Relocation Company.

MultiTek's specialty is taking your data center relocation from beginning to end with a hands-on approach. Click on the links below, to see how our assessment, design, planning and execution phases fit into your business needs.

MTG relocation process


Our professionals will analyze all aspects of your current data center environment, including your hardware, software, network, security, storage, and environmental factors. More about assessment...


Applying the framework gathered during the assessment phase, we will design a relocation strategy to relocate your data center, which will minimize impact on your business, and deliver at the performance level your customers and employees expect, before, during, and after the move. More about design...


Using the information gathered in the assessment and design phases, our professionals will perform planning meetings on a frequent basis to address issues, action items, and other contingencies to formulate them into a comprehensive strategy. More about planning...


We will provide and manage all of the resources to complete the job. We will ensure that we meet all your deliverables and criteria by assisting you in the testing and system assurance aspects of your project. More about execution...