Augment your own internal IT capabilities with expertise from around the world.

Our project managers and technical consultants have 20+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, U.S. military data centers or IT OEMs.

In a continuously evolving business landscape, maintaining workforce flexibility is key for many companies to be competitive. MultiTek Global’s Professional Services allows companies to access specialist IT resources to supplement their own internal technical capabilities without adding headcount costs to their bottom line. Companies who partner with MultiTek Global have access to a wide range of IT experts with experience in managing complex IT projects such as infrastructure optimization, cloud adoption, and disaster recovery solutions.



MultiTek Global provides professional IT personnel that can assist your company on a project basis or longer-term contracts to provide assistance in the following:


  • Specialist IT Project Management e.g. for relocations, consolidations etc
  • Dedicated onsite smart hands
  • Project-based IT engineers
  • Asset Management Personnel
  • OEM specialist technicians


Resources can be provided on a fixed time basis, project basis or on ad-hoc basis.



Are your IT assets running optimally? 


MultiTek Global can help optimize your data center infrastructure & provide consultancy through a detailed analysis of


  • Your existing infrastructure & application setup
  • Traffic patterns, bandwidth usage & network redundancy 
  • Firewall Configurations & dependencies and potential security risks.


Through this analysis, MultiTek Global is able to recommend solutions that deliver cost reductions on energy consumption through better IT asset utilization  

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting


Having trouble determining which cloud technologies or applications best suit your business?


Our cloud consultants can help you develop a strategy and roadmap to optimize your current or future cloud performance.


We routinely consult in the following areas:

  • Migration to a cloud-only or hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud security, risks & issues
  • Data residency and access
  • Decoupling cloud dependency based on data sovereignty laws
  • How cloud architecture can be used as a Business Consultancy or Disaster Recovery solution