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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

MultiTek offers full service solutions for the retirement of IT asset:

  • Custom solutions for removal of IT assets, ensuring Chain of Custody, using a fully auditable and documented process.
  • Experienced IT professionals, overseeing all details of decommissioning activities.

  • Technology Recycling - Inventory, removal and destruction of IT assets in compliance with local and federal regulations at “green” recycling facilities

  • Detailed Logistics Management - Stage, pack and secure transport to NAID certified destruction & recycling facilities.
  • Compliant Data Destruction
    • Onsite Data Eradication Services of hard disk drives (HDDs) retained for third-party lease return or equipment re-sale, using MultiTek-owned equipment and technicians.
    • Inventory, degaussing and/or destruction of HDDs in storage arrays, servers, PCs or laptops, with the option for NAID certified onsite or offsite destruction services.
  • Auditable Tracking & Reporting Process
    • Onsite inventory using RF scanners & customized reporting to track assets, reconciling verification against customer’s inventory database.
    • Certificate of Destruction provided with detailed reports of equipment by serial number.
  • Resale and Value Recovery - Partner with third-party resellers and leasing companies for return and resale of equipment.