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When is your data most vulnerable?

Some of the most serious threats to data security come in times of change – during data center relocations and consolidations, technical refreshes, and compliance audits. Your routine data protection precautions can be compromised during these events.

Intellectual property, sensitive records, private information (PII and HIPAA), even classified documents have fallen into the wrong hands when data center changes did not account for every potential crack in security.


You have critical decisions to make in these times of transition. MultiTek Global’s experts will partner with you to design and implement a data protection plan that:

  • Maintains your data protection standards during the transition
  • Meets any applicable regulatory requirements
  • Facilitates business continuity
  • Allows you to repurpose, sell, or retire your equipment with complete confidence.

No two data protection scenarios are alike.
MultiTek Global’s experts have been called in for high-stakes data protection projects around the world. They have helped move, upgrade, and retire tape libraries. They have helped organizations build their own data centers or move into others’. Your data protection plan will be designed to meet the level of security needed, the type of media used, and your site and equipment specifications.

Key data protection services provided by MultiTek Global:

  • Data Erasure - MultiTek is able to offer solutions to almost every data eradication need.

  • Disk Destruction - MultiTek Global has experience destroying drives for all types of organizations whose systems contain sensitive information. 

  • ITAD Services - MultiTek offers full service solutions for the retirement of IT asset

  • Relocation/Removal of StorageTek SL8500 - MultiTek can assist you with your StorageTek® SL8500 Tape Library removal needs, including providing green disposal and recycling services.

The time to make plans for decommissioning, expansion, or relocation starts early in a data center’s lifecycle. MultiTek Global’s data center consulting services are available to help you take the steps now that will ease your data protection concerns in the future.