The #1 Trusted Global Leader in Data Eradication

We provide all types of erasure and destruction services, both onsite and offsite. All methods have a proven Chain-of-Custody at each point of the disposal process with certified results and auditable reports for proof of data elimination.

Data protection is critical to the success of any business. Government regulations, privacy laws, industry policies and corporate procedures all require that data is securely handled at all times. This includes the appropriate destruction of the data at the end of its lifecycle, including the asset that houses the data.

In addition to individual company policies, data destruction processes are also regulated by government policies that are different between geographical locations. So how can you be sure that your data is destroyed in compliance with all these rules and regulations? With contracts worldwide to eradicate data for the most sensitive of information holding entities – such as banks, hospitals and government bodies – MultiTek Global has proven experience to ensure that your data is eliminated completely and securely. In addition, all of our processes comply to ISO standards (18001, 9001 & 27001). 


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  • MultiTek Global technicians can help you manage and execute decommissions including removing assets from the racks, cable pulling and removing storage devices from server & storage units.
  • Prior to data sanitization, MultiTek Global helps you assess the remarketing potential and can advise on the resale value of the assets.
  • For re-saleable assets, MultiTek Global will perform onsite (or offsite) data erasure using certified erasure software (Blancco) for absolute data removal.  To completely ensure that no data can be recovered, any assets that fail erasure will be physically shredded and disposed of in accordance with stringent IT data protection & environmental regulations.



  • MultiTek uses Blancco’s data erasure software which erases to 22 international standards (including U.S. DoD 5220.22-M & NIST SP 800-88)
  • All types of devices can be wiped: including HDDs and SSDs for servers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets.
  • Both onsite and offsite data erasure is available. Our mobile eraser is a self-contained, modular appliance that has no impact to the production environment
  • Detailed, tamper-proof, auditable erasure reports and Data Eradication Certificates are provided to ensure complete data eradication.



  • Non-SSD media, such as HDDs and tape drives, can be firstly destroyed using a degausser which de-magnetizes the storage media rendering the devices unreadable. MultiTek Global’s degaussing equipment & processes comply with stringent international regulations including DoD & NIST standards.


  • As magnetic degaussing does not eliminate data for Solid State Drives, MultiTek Global recommends data erasure and / or physical destruction of such storage devices.



MultiTek Global can carry out the destruction of assets onsite at your location or offsite at a secure premises.


Onsite eradication

SDDs can either be drilled or crushed onsite using our mobile crushing machine. For HDDs, our mobile pulverising machine ensures that the disk is rendered useless.


Secure offsite eradication

If onsite destruction is not an option for your site, we can degauss the HDDs or data-wiping SDDs onsite, prior to their secure transportation to the e-waste facility site for shredding. 



MultiTek Global takes the protection of your IT data seriously. The serial numbers of all assets to be eradicated are scanned individually and recorded. When assets are taken to an offsite location, they are packaged up and secured with a seal that can only be broken by the client witness or approved representative.


Reports following each phase of the disposal process is provided to the client complete with serial number and status. To further guarantee data protection, any assets earmarked for data-wiping only, that fail the wipe procedure will be physically destroyed and will be authorized for resale purposes.


Regardless of your company’s eradication policies, with MultiTek Global’s stringent Chain of Custody procedures, you can rest assured that your assets will be eradicated safely and securely, with auditable results and tracking at each point of the disposal process.