How MultiTek is helping clients in the time of COVID-19

Many of our clients are currently planning how their staff will be able to safely return to their workplace in the coming months – not just offices but also data centers and other commercial facilities. Several clients have reached out to us as trusted advisors for possible solutions on how to create safer working environments for their personnel to return to work.

One means to prevent the spread of the virus is to ensure that disinfection and sanitization of the facility is performed regularly by certified personnel. Now while sanitization is not our area of expertise, we do have a trusted partner who is an expert in this field.



All of our field teams are trained in biohazard containment and have certifications in Hazwoper 40, Osha 10 and bloodborne pathogen containment. They are also trained in Confined Workspace, IIRC WRT, IIRC AMRT & ICRA awareness.

Depending on the risk profile of the facility, the downtime vacancy window (if any) and the expected frequency of people entering & leaving the facility, the team will recommend the most appropriate sanitization process and disinfectant for your facility.


Most frequent questions and answers

What kind of disinfectants can be used?

To neutralize COVID-19, there are several considerations when it comes to disinfectant selection:


Is this disinfectant EPA approved and hence third party verified?


Will the disinfectant the damage electronics and/or finishes within

the facility?

Safety Hazard

What are the PPE requirements for using this disinfectant? Protective

equipment is not only determined by disinfectant choice, but also the delivery system

such as: wet fogging, misting, spraying, etc.


Will the facility need to be vacant when using this disinfectant? Some

facilities, such as hospitals, may never close, so placing containment barriers that eliminate air and particulate matter transitioning freely is necessary

Our team will advise on the best disinfectant solution for your specific facility.

What about facilities that contain electronic equipment?

We also offer a solution for mission critical areas that need to be sanitized, but cannot be subject to high humidity or have any residue remain. We utilize the Steramist technology for data centers, server rooms and other such highly sensitive, high value areas.

Steramist’s Binary Ionization Technology® (BITTM) is a patented two-step process. The fine fog created, damages pathogenic organisms through oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. This leads to cellular dysfunction and allows for disinfection and decontamination in targeted areas

Can our regular cleaning crew be used to carry out the process?

Unfortunately, even if the correct disinfectants are used, placing untrained & unprotected contractors in a bio-hazardous situation, is a recipe for litigation. Any contractor performing this type of work should be experienced in performing microbial-related remediation or similar work e.g. crime scene clean-up, mould abatement, etc. Contractor staff shall at a minimum be trained in handling in blood-borne pathogens, as defined by OSHA (29 C.F.R. 1910.1030)

For More information

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