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What is MultiTek Global?

MultiTek Global LLC operates as a professional services organization focused on the assessment, preparation, execution and management of customer data center relocations and migrations, and related data center projects. MultiTek Global was built by a group of data center experts  who worked together for the Department of Defense on the BRAC project, then StorageTek Data Centre Services and now MultiTek Global. This group, led by Kevin Schultz, has a vast amount of experience in data centers, IT sales, partner relationships, project management and other data center related skills. MultiTek began in 2004 as a division, then a subsidiary, of UniGroup Inc., a global logistics company. In 2015, a group of employees bought the company and it is now privately held. Today, MultiTek Global is a worldwide data center professional services provider, with project managers and technical consultants having 30+ years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies, U.S. military data centers or IT OEMs. MultiTek executes approximately 30 data center relocation and related projects monthly, Worldwide.

Why Choose MultiTek Global?

Experience and FocusMultiTek’s primary business is relocations and other data center services and all customers benefit from the extensive expertise and experience of the team.

Flexibility -Able to customize solutions without any red tape and seamlessly adapt to changes throughout the planning process.

Proven Methodology -Successful methodology is based on PMI & ITIL standards and from managing hundreds of large and small projects.

Technical Competence MultiTek’s consultants and technicians have years of hands on participation, with up-to-date technical certifications.

Risk Mitigation - MultiTek mitigates customer’s risks by using proven assessment methods with Project Managers and Professional Consultants which follow IT Governance disciplines.

OEM Relationships - MultiTek is the customer’s single source and includes all major OEM engagement where needed to protect support agreements and warranties.

Global PresenceMultiTek’s worldwide staff is highly skilled in meeting the customer’s global relocation or onsite technical service needs.

Excellent References - MultiTek has many customer and partner references.